Thursday, May 24, 2012

CER Receives Grant for Your Future Now

The Center for Efficacy and Resiliency recently received a three year, $213,238 year grant from College Spark Washington for Your Future Now, a learning improvement, career planning project at Scriber Lake High School in the Edmonds School District. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of Scriber Lake students who enter and complete college programs.

The methods used to achieve this goal will be: 1) increasing faculty and student self-efficacy; 2) providing the environmental factors necessary to help students tap into their natural resiliency; 3) using Appreciative Inquiry to generate success visions of the future; and 4) introducing Motivational Interviewing strategies to elicit desired behavior changes in both students and adults.

In addition to increasing the number of Scriber Lake students who enroll in and complete college, other projected benefits include higher grades and standardized test scores; reductions in the number of absentees, dropouts and discipline referrals; more engaged learners; and increased parent participation.

The project has garnered enthusiastic support from the Scriber Lake principal, faculty and staff, as well as from Edmonds Community College (where CER is located) and the Edmonds School District.

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